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Ask any child what their least favourite school subject is, and theyll probably say 'History.. Its a load of bollocks.' We want to prove different with our brief guide to Farnboroughs skateboarding history.

When our lovely picture appeared in the local press. A man named Ian Cocking read it, and was very happy to see that someone was actually making a fuss over skating facilities in Farnborough.

He got in contact with Simon Venn, who told him of the quite wonderful site you currently have the pleasure of viewing.

After a couple of guest book appearances Blakey asked Ian to come and meet us at the quiz night down the Blam. Ian brought with him an entire library of historical (in skating terms) pictures, magazines, newspaper clippings etc. Each one more amazing than the last.

This page shows just a few of these pieces, which will show you some of the history which Farnborough holds. Enjoy...

Thanks for all the pics Ian.. its been a breath of fresh air for all us whippersnappers.

Heres some pics of the legend himself, Mr Ian Cocking, ripping it up (insert cliche here..) 'back in the day.'

click the pics to enlarge

calthorpe bowl - july 1985 - may 1988

january 1984 - november 1979

sept 81 - june 89 when the ramp was closed

© sean leahy 2002

The old Farnborough vert ramp.

The vert after it was moved and had a skip welded to the flat bottom after condemnation.

You can believe your eyes.

Farnborough Mail - 1981

1. Legendary ripper Danny Webster, July 82
2. Jeff Hedges - Fboro Comp, 1988
3. Lance Mountain of the Bones Brigade on Fboro Vert , August 84

1. Lance Mountain of the Bones Brigade on Fboro Vert , August 84
Another local legend - Sean Goff, August 84
3. Goff again with broken arm in 1985